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Kairology® Leadership & Growth, New Zealand and worldwide

Kairology Charitable Trust is a not for profit organisation supporting community. The principle and purpose of Kairology® is to make timely interventions in support of personal and working lives. The Greek word Kairos means ‘God’s appointed time’. It's a critical moment when opportunity and action meet; an opportune and favourable moment for achievement and change.

We address this in two main areas:

  1. Kairology® Trust - Resources and support for people in prison, and also the wider context of family and home community.
  2. Kairology® Consulting - Leadership and coaching resources for personal and business use enabling people to make their best contribution to an organisation, and an organisation to its people. This include diagnostic work and tailored training and coaching, leading to personal and business excellence, quality management and investing in people.

In all aspects of work, we seek to build capability and confidence, overcome conflict, and building values-based strategies and solutions to give focus, direction and success.